Four Piece Safety Kit. SALE PRICE $16.99 Save over 15%

Increase the safety factor with every cut. PUSH STICKS gives you positive control when feeding any size or shape of material through the cut. The PUSH BLOCK has a rubber grip surface that allows you to hold the material down securely and feed it safely through the cut. The FEATHERBOARD fits securely in the guide slot and keeps material being ripped tightly against the fence. These items are very easy to use and significantly reduce the chances of injury while providing positive control from the beginning to the end of each cut. Use the PUSH BLOCK on you jointer too! Regular price $20.00 on SALE for $16.99. Save over 15%

Four Piece Safety Kit. SALE PRICE $16.99 Save over 15%
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  • Item #: 99-400 Safety Kit
  • Manufacturer: General International
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Price $20.00
Sale Price $16.99
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