16" long Aluminum Jig Fence. Includes Free Tape Measure

This 16" fence is made of 1 1/2 pounds of high quality aluminum. The extruded profile is straight and flat. It has a track across the top to receive a sliding flip stop or or clamp or other accessory and a recess in the face for placement of a self stick tape measure. This component is perfect for making those custom jigs you need for special applications and production. Three precision bolt holes equally spaced across the top allow for pivotal or stationary attachment to cut-off tables, sliding jigs or saw tables. Ideal for crosscut sleds with fixed or variable angle settings. Two of these on either side of a miter saw make a solid accurate back stop for a miter saw table. Excellent for extending in-feed and out-feed fences or rails on jointers or router and shaper tables. The usefulness of these fences is only limited to your imagination. One fence and one tape included.

16" long Aluminum Jig Fence. Includes Free Tape Measure
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  • Item #: EB1F
  • Manufacturer: The Osborne Manufacturing Company
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